Corporate Guidelines

In our guidelines we define our demands on the conduct of our employees and business partners. The integrity of action plays an important role here. We rely on adherence to our Code of Conduct and Ethics, our Anti-Corruption Policy and all other compliance guidelines.

We conduct our business in all countries with decency and respect. It goes without saying that all applicable laws, regulations and rules must be strictly adhered to. Everything we expect from our employees, we also expect from our contractors, consultants, agents and other representatives.

For our employees worldwide, regular training courses consolidate and deepen the necessary knowledge in the preventive fight against corruption and bribery. We convey the content through classroom and e-learning courses. Participation in compliance training courses is mandatory for all employees and is evaluated by our Compliance Office. We also train our employees in exposed functions and national companies.

AIXTRON's suppliers have their own manual, which sets out binding rules for business cooperation. Conduct in violation of the law or regulations will not be tolerated and will lead to the disqualification as our supplier. AIXTRON expects its contractors to comply with the reporting requirements applicable to their employees, products and processes and to consider their conduct and ethical principles to be the highest corporate responsibility.

Dr. Felix Grawert  (CEO & President)
Dr. Christian Danninger (CFO)

Fraud prevention at AIXTRON

Due to its global structure, AIXTRON is required to comply with local and international anti-corruption laws and regulations.  

AIXTRON’s employees and third parties acting on behalf of AIXTRON must comply with applicable laws and regulations against corruption, bribery, fraud and money laundering and conduct all business and daily activities in accordance with legal and ethical principles. 

AIXTRON's does not tolerate any corrupt behavior. AIXTRON maintains a whistleblower hotline to report any suspicions of corrupt conduct, money laundering and suspicion of product diversion. Full anonymity is of the utmost importance. A

AIXTRON's Compliance Office is available to allemployees to answer any questions or provide necessary support. Further information on fraud prevention is included in AIXTRON's Compliance Code of Conduct which is available on our website at: 

Click here for the AIXTRON Code of Conduct

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

There are a number of aspects that determine a company's scope of action and areas of concern. On the one hand, these include a comprehensive understanding of our customers' requirements, the new development and continuous optimization of our products and solutions, but also the achievement of an appropriate return on investment. In addition, it was and is our fundamental decision to manage AIXTRON as a leading supplier of MOCVD technology in a sustainable manner and to commit ourselves responsibly to the environment and society.

Sustainability in the company means reconciling economy, ecology and social commitment and anchoring them in the awareness and actions of managers and employees. This is reflected in our CSR policy which sets out guidelines for responsible and sustainable business activity. The foundation is formed by the local legal requirements of the countries in which we are economically active. In addition, we constantly strive to provide ourselves with an additional framework through voluntary commitments and internal projects and measures, as well as regulations and the requirements of our customers.


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